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Commercial Credit Modeling & Actuarial Analysis for Student Lenders

Since 2013, our actuarial work has enabled lenders to help students make better college planning decisions, while concurrently, avoiding the risks associated with weak degrees and over-priced colleges. Wiser college decisions have led to better occupational outcomes for college graduates, and vastly improved repayment performance.

Those same rigorous practices enabled development of our Commercial Credit Model (CCM). When interest rates were low, and the economy was seemingly on auto pilot, credit default estimates were relatively straightforward. That ended in 2020. And now a benchmarking reference is needed to inform credit managers as where risk is in their A/R portfolios, and to what extent.

Our CCM provides the ultimate in visibility of default risk, and the broadest view of default probabilities. Further, our data and tools are foundational to creating a CECL compliant loss estimate model.