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Educate To Career – college financial planning for the real world


We proudly announce the 2022 ETC College Rankings Index – the only college rankings that matter

In 2013, our first college ranking system was based on scoring colleges by the ‘economic value’ that each created for its students. It revolutionized how families viewed colleges and career planning. For 2022, our newest college rankings is truly, the logical conclusion for college financial planning. Our new college rankings offers:

  • Personalization of list – the system will generate a list of colleges that matches academic competencies and interests.
  • Focus on academic major – will help select a major that will lead to a real career with strong earnings.
  • Reduce your tuition – see the tuition discounts given in recent years to help negotiate the lowest tuition possible.

We proudly release our 2022 ETC College Rankings Index, enabling students to make the most prudent college to career planning decisions.

Additional college planning insights and data for the COVID-19 reality

Autumn 2021 - To assist families with college planning during the COVID-19 crisis, we have developed new programs, along with supporting information and guidance. These programs leverage the most recent data to enable you to make practical college planning decisions, in a challenging economic environment.

The Programs You Need Now:

College Rankings Support Information - for a crisis management environment. If what you need is a college that teaches online and in-classroom, is affordable, and close to homes read our scenario planning for the Autumn 2021 semester and then review the colleges that can deliver on the specific academic requirements that are required in this challenging time.

College Planning for Autumn 2021 - this program provides a strategy and supporting data to help you develop a practical college plan for September of 2021. Our College Planning for Autumn 2021 program offers the guidance of a low cost, low risk strategy for 2021, and a listing of colleges that support the strategy.

College Tuition Negotiator - for the past 20 years, the 'institutional aid' component of college tuitions has been negotiable. If you are committing to attend college this fall, the current environment could provide you with the best opportunity ever to reduce your cost of college. Our College Tuition Negotiator will deliver the data points to support you in negotiating the lowest possible tuition.

Job FutureCaster – never before has the selection of academic major been more important. This program provides eye opening insights into the jobs that are available for young people who are making college plans. This is an excellent program for estimating your college Return On Investment.