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Educate To Career – the Integration of College, Career, and Financial Planning

All college planning is career planning. There are millions of good jobs available. Our data enables young people to prepare for these jobs. And we enable the student to explore educational options that provide a high Return On Investment. Our programs and data put students on trajectories for success:

Free programs to guide you in developing a college to career plan, with sound financial fundamentals

To assist families with college to career planning, we have a suite of programs that will enable you to create a successful college plan. These programs leverage the most current data to enable you to make practical college planning decisions, along with supporting information and guidance.

The Programs You Need Now:

Job FutureCaster – Never before has the selection of academic major been more important. This program provides eye opening insights into the jobs that are available for young people who are making college plans. This is an excellent program for estimating your college Return On Investment.

Career Buddy –This easy program is enormously beneficial in helping to show how a student's competencies should be applied to an education and career track. You'll find this program to be brutally honest with incredibly valuable guidance on academic majors and college options.

College Business Plan –This program builds a personalized business plan for college, inclusive of the most relevant financial data. Just as a business must submit a business plan to justify a bank loan – the College Business Plan program enables the student to 'justify' their college investment through the building of a true business plan for college. Families using this program save tens of thousands of dollars. Results are in Excel.