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College planning insights and data for the ongoing COVID-19 challenges

2021 - To assist families with college planning during the COVID-19 crisis, we have developed new programs, along with supporting information and guidance. These programs leverage the most recent data to enable you to make practical college planning decisions, in an evolving environment.

Many colleges remain uncertain as to whether they will offer in-classroom instruction in the coming semesters. Our new programs factor in this uncertainty by providing you with data and insights regarding the colleges with online and in-classroom capabilities. More important than ever before is the need for an education that leads to a real career, and getting that education in the most cost effective manner possible. Educate To Career has never been more relevant.

The Programs You Need Now:

College Financial Planning Q and A - your kids have questions regarding college planning, and they're turning to Google for answers. This program shows you the 17 most common questions from High School students, along with practical and fiscally responsible answers to those questions. Review these insights, and then share with your kids to put them on the right track.

Best Colleges for Career Planning Curriculum - As the economy recovers from the Covid crisis, the labor markets will be more demanding than ever. This is especially true for recent college graduates. Find out which academic majors will lead to the strongest employment opportunities in the coming years, and the best colleges for preparing you for the radical changes in the job market.

College Rankings - for a crisis management environment. This program exists for the purpose of getting you into the right college during the Covid crisis, and through the next year. You need a college that teaches online and in-classroom, is affordable, and close to home. Read our scenario planning for the coming semester and then review the colleges that can deliver on the specific academic requirements that are required in this incredibly challenging time.

College Tuition Negotiator - for the past 20 years, the 'institutional aid' component of college tuitions has been negotiable. If you are committing to attend college this fall, the current environment could provide you with the best opportunity ever to reduce your cost of college. Our College Tuition Negotiator will deliver the data points to support you in negotiating the lowest possible tuition.

Job FutureCaster – never before has the selection of academic major been more important. This program provides eye opening insights into the jobs that are available for young people who are making college plans. This is an excellent program for estimating your college Return On Investment.